Visual Rhythms Between Art, Science and Religion
Copyright  Robert Cassanova 2015
   The visual rhythms and connections between art, science and religion are ubiquitously linked to visual perception and the human psyche.  Revolutionary art, visionary science and enlightened religion attempt to speak about matters that do not yet have verbal, visual or analytical representations.    Human emotions such as angst, joy, passion, love,etc. often provide the context and "spark" for creativity in art, science and religion.   Visual images can have a powerful influence on our thoughts, mood and actions.   Just as great art can trigger a human response, so can religious symbols and church architecture, often reminding us of religious events or teachings, inspire tranquility, re-enforce our values, remind us of our faith and trigger uplifting visions. 
  Order, symmetry, patterns, flow of light and form, mathematics and geometry are pervasive in nature, science, engineering, religion and all types of artistic expression.  Patterns in nature often give a hint of underlying explanations and inspire further exploration.   Humans resonate psychologically with rituals and repeated patterns in emotional, physical, acoustic and visual stimuli.  These repeated stimuli can often sooth our psyche and inspire unfettered thinking.  Mathematical modeling often precedes in-depth experimental investigation but while mathematical modeling may provide insights into the process understanding the physics of nature, creative visualization of a new concept in science may occur before it can be accurately described mathematically.  Our understanding of scientific laws can serve as a starting for further investigation of fundamental concepts in scientific disciplines, but these "laws" may artificially limit the expansion of knowledge.   Likewise, laws and rules for the creation of art are merely starting points and should not be restrictions of further understanding and   creative expansion of artistic expression. 
  Robert Cassanova's large format color and B&W photographic images are available in his hand-made frames, in oak, walnut, heart pine and cypress. 
Swift Creek January 2014
Coyote Wash
Vick Swamp with Snow
National Cathedral Catacombs
Sandstone Symmetry
Sapelo Lighthouse Staircase
Stephen's Gap Cave