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Dispatch from Vick-Benson Farm --
A Visusal Communique from the Family Farm
Entrance Hall to Vick House
Vick House with Trees
Thru the Pack House Door
Pack House
Pack House thru Grass
Vick House in the Weeds
Rear Window Vick House
Copyright  Robert Cassanova 2015
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Bruce's Barn
Vick Swamp with Snow
Five Trunk Magnolia in IR
Magnolia Tree on Vick Farm
Crepe Myrtle in Snow
Trees in Snow
All Tied Up
Red Barn with Wheat
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Stairway to Heaven
Robert Cassanova's photographs of scenes from the family farm in Eastern North Carolina captures visions of picturesque old barns, weathered houses and patterned landscapes.   The rough, coarse textures of weathered, knotty wood siding and old doors beckon the viewer to recall farm life during the early 1900s.   The slow collapse of these old wooden structures is a metaphor for the return of orderly, man-made structures to the complexity of natural decay.   The contrast between the furrowed fields being prepared for planting and the complexity of natural growth patterns in old growth woodlands are a reminder that nature will ultimately prevail over human activities.
Vick House Backyard