The Stained Glass Windows
of Calvary Parish
Copyright Robert Cassanova 2015
  The Calvary Episcopal Church in Tarboro, NC is a historic church that was founded in 1833 with construction of the present church taking place between 1859 and 1867.   The founding families who built the church, under the direction of the Rev. Joseph Blount Cheshire,    were generous in the their vision for Calvary's future -- building a distinctively Gothic structure of great beauty and remarkable size in one of the loveliest small towns in the south.  Due to limitations in the funding at the time, the windows were originally covered with oiled paper and the currently installed windows were added as Calvary families contributed the necessary funding.   Each window has its own story of family, of strongest faith and of deep love.
  The complete story of the "Stained Glass Windows of Calvary Parish is documented in a booklet authored by Robert Cassanova and Thomas Price Miller and is available for purchase at Calvary Parish.
  Below are three examples of the stained glass windows of Calvary Parish.ows in Calvary Parish which are
The Good Shepherd Window
The Holy Family and Angel
The Moses Window
  from the studios of
Louis Comfort Tiffany
The Stained Glass Windows of Calvary Parish
Photos - Copyright Robert Cassanova  2015