Eternal Visions
Copyright Robert Cassanova 2010
Much of our artistic and scientific energy is often consumed with the process of overcoming the momentum of past experience and unsubstantiated beliefs, and moving towards igniting our creative imagination of new works of art or breakthrough scientific discoveries and interpretations of nature's secrets.   Our fascinations and passions are significant influences on our conscious and subconscious thoughts and can be a major factor in our persistence to pursue a pathway without artificial limits.   A vivid imagination often drives our passion to explore new possibilities in art and science.  Given an appropriately nurturing intellectual environment, these deep seated passions may lead to a long term vision that becomes a part of our enduing, innate being and be "eternal" for our lifetime and beyond.   Our Eternal Visions point us towards the expansion of knowledge, emotional growth and creativity.
Eternal Visions

  • Perturb the chaos and cause patterns to emerge,

  • Light the darkness and ignite our passion for knowledge,

  • Inspire our imagination and energize our creative spirit,

  • Give us hope for a future without limits,

  • Create a pathway to break free from stifling fundamentalism in art, science and religion,

  • Provide context for elegance, beauty, order and symmetry

---Robert A. Cassanova